S.A.M 2:5 The power of the mind

The mind is responsible for a lot but, is it responsible for the discovery of martians and slender man tulpas? We talk about the experiences of Joseph McMonegle and his involvement with the CIA and Army intelligence program Stargate. to remote view points of interest and mars! And we dive in to events of slender man

S.A.M 2:4 - Your alien neighbor

The mysteries of Antarctica are numerous but what about the connections? Did you know they found alien like bones in the ice covered land? how about the state sized hole that appears every couple of years? On this episode we dive in to the stories and tell the story of Richard Evelyn Byrd, the Rear Admiral which while serving in the military met these aliens that live below us.

S.A.M 2:3 - OCD, The shadow man and me

We get personal with an inside look at the Host Tyler Medeiros OCD and the struggles and solutions he encountered over the years. We also hear from other OCD sufferers and the strange link between them.

S.A.M 2:2 - Satan's Harvest (part 2)

On this episode we come to the conclusion of the deeply disturbing story of Ed and Lorraine Warren's Satan's Harvest. You wont want to miss this demon possession story based on true story.

S.A.M 2:1 - Satan's Harvest (part 1)

On this episode we dive into the Ed and Lorraine Warren book Satans Harvest on this chilling 2 parter. The first part will be the "How" and "why" before we dive into the extremely strange accounts of Ed and Lorraine. This a supposed true story you will not want to miss.