Eargasm ep. 7 - Cancel Culture

Cancel culture, racism, Antonio Brown and Steve's trip we talk about it all. Whats the world coming to and do you agree? thanks to social media digging up your past is easy. Do you remember saying something you regret 10 years ago or in your life time and is it fair to lose your job over it? Shane Gillis was victim to this on SNL. Antonio Brown from up top to straight bottom. And Is it worth it going to the Azores. Find out on this episode of Eargasm.

Eargasm ep.6 - Radioactive porn stars

Are you really excited to meet people you don't know? is 1000 bucks a video to cheap for a porn star? Would you drink radioactive vodka, take a listen we talk about all of it and more. RATE and SUBSCRIBE!

Eargasm ep.5 - Armpit of America

We are back from July vacation as we traveled to the armpit of america, take a listen because we may just save your life...ok not your life but, save you from a horrible time at least. And who is going to Area 51? anybody?

Eargasm ep.4 - Couples camping

We talk about some touchy subjects both politically and relationship wise. Let us know what you think about sharing and what the right way to do it is in a relationship. Is chivalry dead, should it be? and can somebody please tell us whats up with this new generation.

Eargasm ep.3 - Bringing in the expert

On this episode we bring in a special guest our highly paid in house expert Jordan Monopoli….. expert in what you must ask well anything we need an expert for of course. In this episode we get little relaxed in some real ass guy talk, from wedding dates , baby names, to those damn blue eyed women…with those beautiful innocent eyes. Don’t miss out on your pleasure and listen know and rate and review!

Eargasm ep.1

That is right kids we back! With a new show ..well kinda. Its like whats streaming but with more and better and stuff. You wont regret listening and do not forget to rate us if you don’t well just know your a terrible human.